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Promote your venue in 3D!

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Welcome to the 3D Showround! vFloorplan




In order to fulfil an increasing demand of finding an innovative way to display information online; in a more user-friendly, searchable and interactive way, is presenting ‘vFloorplan’. An amazing way to promote your venue!

Visualisation offers you this fantastic way to display in many ways a believable visualisation of existing venues, new building projects or refurbishments by using computer generated imagery (CGI) made by vFloorplan. This revolutionary service can make venues versatile and much better promoted as they will be able to show how rooms will be laid out, revealing new designs and concept ideas.

You can also display the way your revamped branding and corporate visual merchandising would look when built. These images can also provide figures and data directly from the same screen without the need to click away to a different webpage. Moreover, it can be digitally and easily conveyed to the venue website, several digital marketing tools and printable formats.

This image below is not a picture!

It is a visualisation of Tower Hotel showing how their Banquet room layout – doesn’t it look real?


3D Computer Generated Images 3D for Venues and Events

The Tower Suite, Tower Hotel London, Banquet Room Layout


It is well known that realistic images can express ideas so well that further explanation wouldn’t be necessary. We, at, think that your venue’s website or online listing could be highly enhanced by providing an outstanding visual presentation of how each room of your venue will be laid out. 

A realistic computer generated model in 3D of your actual venue (available on the Premium version), including furniture and decoration features, could definitely help you to create a great impression, generate much more engagement and increase the conversion rate of your website.


Another real visualisation for IET - Savoy Place - London


Rather than trying to explain in words how your venue will look, you could use a credible CGI in 3D to help your clients visualise how the meeting spaces in your venue will be, even when these facilities are not in a viewable state or uncompleted.

By using architect drawings and sketches, interior designs and furniture details, vFloorplan can generate astounding online and printable panorama of your event spaces to hire. Such visualization would allow event planners to understand and recreate every room layout and its potential possibilities in much more depth and match the features of your venue with their needs and expectancy.




See more fabulous examples of what we could do for your venue:


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For further information please contact Callum at:




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