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Social media for #venues, #conferences and #meetings

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Conferences are a way to bring together a meeting of minds. Whether it is an international conference or a small business conference, conferences are a fantastic way to network, share ideas and promote your own business. Business conferences may be based around current business affairs, industry news, product launches or speeches by industry leaders.

To plan the most successful conference, however, you must ensure that the enough people turn up to your event, and even more so, the right kind of people!

Social Media

Social Media can ensure that the right people are made aware of your conference on time. Instead of spending thousands in paid advertising, Social Media can be a free and easy way to promote your event instantly. However with all forms of marketing, it is important that your Social Media campaigns are carried out in the correct fashion. It is no good uploading one link to your company’s Facebook page and hoping that people see the event page, you must create a targeted, measurable Social Media campaign. We have shared our top tips in promoting your conference via Social Media.

Social Media for Event, Conference and Meeting Venues




Keep the Target in mind! 

Ensure that your target audience can see the event page. Upload a hyperlink of your event page to all of the major Social Media platforms. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and possibly Instagram, dependant on the demographic of your market.

Once the links are uploaded, encourage sharing of the page amongst delegates. A great way to encourage this is by hosting a competition. An example of this would be giving a free conference ticket away to a random person who shares the page.

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To create discussion prior to the event, invite questions and encourage debate. Ask questions, and if the situation permits, being controversial is a brilliant way to inspire conversation and generate a hype around the event.

Share & Track

Create hashtags. Hashtags are a fine way to ensure sharing your information with people who may not be within your network see your conference.

Finally, Track your progress. If you don’t measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, you have no way of knowing if what you are doing is working. There are various tools available that enable you to see how much your event is trending and who it is connecting with.

Whether your conference is a yearly event or a one-off conference, more and more people and businesses are using Social Media, so creating a Social Media campaign for your conference is a no-brainer when it comes to cost-effective, instantaneous conference promotion and marketing.

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About the Author : Ivan Reyes

Ivan Reyes is our SEO|SMM Manager, a dedicated individual genuinely passionate about scouting the best ways to be on the leading edge of search engine optimisation and social media marketing strategies.