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Is your company producing the expected results; is the communication in your business flowing well; is the collaboration and cooperation between your staff working; could any of these factors be causing a lack of motivation and productivity?

Thomas L. Quick, specialist and author of many ‘Team-building’ bestsellers confirms that team-building activities increase the overall employee performance, development and interaction among team members and across different areas of the company, enhance employee staff job satisfaction and create synergy towards the understanding of corporate objectives.

Why a team?

According to Quick, “the most distinguishing characteristic of a team is that its members have, as their highest priority, the accomplishment of team goals.” Hence, as a part of this competitive UK MICE industry, a strong ‘team mind' is what we need as the key to success.

Team-building exercises are perfect to improve and motivate employees, as well as growing rapport among individuals. Learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses within a large or small team brings better productivity and a more fluent communication between staff


Team work at Team Building Activity at QHotels

The QHotel  Norton Park Team-building with



Ensure positive outcomes

To help ensure team-building events have long-term positive outcomes, there are a few things that the event planner or organiser should take into account:

1) Make sure everyone can be included: It is important to bear in mind the average and individual physical condition of the group. Each member of each group should be assessed individually to determine the appropriate activities that will allow each team member participating satisfactorily.

2) Strike a balance of difficulty: participants of this type of event can find each activity too easy or, contrarily, unduly hard and/or emotionally exhausting. Professional guidance for these events can help to find the right activity for the right individual.

3) Summarise the lessons learned in each task: By emphasising the importance of communication, coordination and decision making, the relevance to the real working environment can be made clear.



Positive outcomes from a tema-building activity


What is the best venue for team building?

Depending on the weather, average physical condition of team members, type of planned activities and budget, there is a huge selection of venues to choose from to run your company’s team building event. From small indoor activities such as communication games or board game tournaments to bigger outdoor events such as canoeing competitions, the choice of venue is crucial to achieve a successful event.

Qhotels Norton Park Hampshire Team Building Venues

QHotels Norton Park - Hamphire, The ideal venue for Indoor and Outdoor Team-building activities


Team Building Venues

Even if the company’s budget is small, selecting a venue outside the office to hold the event is very important. If this type of event takes place in the office or regular workplace, a lot of distracting and disruptive events can occur such as phone calls, visits, emails, deliveries, etc. That can reduce the effectiveness of the event.




QHotels Norton Park Hampshire- Outdoor Team-building

Outdoor Team-building Activities at QHotels Norton Park - Hampshire


Summarising, whilst planning your company’s team-building event, you should take into account the objectives, the type of activities, as well as the venue access, transportation, spaces available, the versatility of the function rooms or outdoor areas, accommodation and catering including individual dietary requirements.

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