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The New vFloorplan v3

Live Enquiries and Analytics

An investment and roll out of the hugely upgraded and latest version 3 of vFloorplan is now also available for smaller and much larger venues, and ensures buyers can search and enquire for the right spaces and most suitable room setups no matter how many rooms and combinations, and breakout rooms for their meetings and events. Venues are receiving live enquiries and can also see live analytics.


Interactive Floorplans on Multiple Floors

‘Lift-the-Lid’ is now included in vFloorplan v3 Premium and vFloorplan v3 XL, and as an optional add-on to vFloorplan v3 Micro. As an interactive 3D CGI representation of the venue it ‘houses’ the interactive floorplans on multiple floors to easily deliver an impressive statement and encourage engagement and interaction on the venue website.


Search Room Configurations


Buyers can search, explore and discover the most suitable room configuration for their needs by lifting-the-Lid of a venue, revealing the vFloorplans by floor, and showing rooms and layouts within, dynamically linked to the searchable capacity chart.
The QEII Centre and the National Conference Centre are the latest venues to benefit and are receiving live enquiries daily with higher value sales conversions after adding vFloorplan v3. vFloorplan have also helped QEII Centre visually describe where they are located by creating an exciting and unique Game of Thrones themed QEII location video.

Each vFloorplan is accompanied by a traditional-looking yet dynamic and interactive capacity chart linked to the floorplans. X-ray searches can be made to discover exactly which room and setup/layout combination works best for the delegate numbers and detailed enquiries can be made easily using the ‘Make an Enquiry’

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