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New Robust MICE Industry Network

The Cloud, UK market leaders of online venue data for meetings, conferences, accommodation and events, have launched their cloud based enquiry network for the M.I.C.E industry.

2016 is the year of product innovation for Michael Begley's team. The mission of was leading the way in the M.I.C.E Industry by significantly improving the working day of the modern meeting planner. To do this, Michael wanted to create a stronger relationship between a venue and a corporate booking agent.







The 'Enquiry Network Cloud' or enCloud is a significant time-saving development for corporate bookers that greatly improves the response times for enquiries generated via the web based booking system, 'GRATIS'. enCloud forwards electronic enquiries generated via one of the applications to venue groups’ internal software, enabling them to respond to enquiries directly in their own system without relying on email or requiring a third party system, therefore reducing response time for booking enquiries and enabling conversion.


The meeting and events industry is no stranger to adopting innovative technology and capitalising on efficiency gains. Michael continues, Our direction was to improve response times once an enquiry has been raised between a venue and the corporate booker within GRATIS. We had explored a few options and found a direct connection is the most effective. It has improved the performance of our end-to-end booking software GRATIS and has already increased enquiry generation for our members, reaching £1.29billion this year”.



encloud -



Many third party software providers are currently working to connect their systems to enCloud, seamlessly passing data between them and expanding the enquiry network’s reach, which is in line with Michael’s business strategy; to create a connected industry.


Tim Clark - Strategic Development Director at - comments: “Across the industry over the past few years, we have observed 74% of all bookings taking place within 4 weeks of a booking enquiry for under 30 delegates and enCloud will further accelerate the response and conversion time for bookings. Since its official launch in January 2016, we have already seen a volume shift of over 3,000 standard RFPs (traditionally delivered via our web portal) to direct digital enCloud enquiries, delivered directly between our systems and those utilised by venues. This volume is set to climb further as we implement integrations with other venue groups and partners, creating additional time savings and benefits for all”.

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